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Cristian Mazilu

Real Estate Professional
Cell :
(305) 972-1121
Website :

Are YOU in need of a person endowed with an eye for property value assessment? Do YOU know how to choose the right realtor for you? And, furthermore, do YOU yearn for a true American real estate experience and agent’s aid? Then you’re in luck! Cristian Mazilu presents a nascent endeavor taken to new heights, to a nation-wide expertise. From property purchasing to house leasing and selling, Cristian Mazilu provides real estate services accordingly to every client’s needs. A business-savvy individual with a talent for reaching top-tier deals, Mr. Mazilu’s enhancement for real estate negotiations is reflected in the satisfaction of his clientele. Subsequently, the experience gained from working under US Department of State helped Cristian develop a touch for professional work ethic, and sales proficiency. Previous clients have described Cristian as a down-to-earth, hardworking market-expert, ready to see to your needs in a pragmatic manner. Mr. Mazilu presents himself at your disposal, placing his skills and his better-self in order to reach together a beneficial result. This ‘tomorrow-I’ll-do-better’ demeanor is one of the reasons collaborating with Cristian has garnered him countless praises and, not to mention, ready-sealed deals.

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