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Angela D Oliver

Real Estate Professional

Angela (Angie) was born and raised in England.  She started living her American Dream in Boston, New England, many years ago, but soon realized after years of digging her car out of the snow, that she needed sunshine in her life.  So, she packed up and moved to the Sunshine State of Florida.  She purchased her own home shortly after arriving, as the property market down here in Florida provides so much more opportunity in owning real estate.  She is now the proud owner of two homes in Florida.

She has worked within the real estate market for many years covering many aspects of home ownership.  She is not only a trusted Realtor assisting our clients in buying or selling their dream home, but she has also managed a national non-profit organization that taught people how to become a landlord and use their homes as an investment.

She could be working with you right now, helping you realize your dream of home ownership or owning your own investment property.  We have many National and International clients that purchase locally with our assistance, some without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Owning your own home provides comfort and security that renting cannot provide, plus it also provides a solid investment.  Whether it be for your own personal home, vacation home, or to run as a rental business, the rewards can be plentiful and are your legacy to pass down the generations to come.

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