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Jay Fletcher Alli-Balukoff

Real Estate Professional
(305) 389-4388

Why me?
They say “If it doesn’t make you laugh or make you money then don’t do it!”; however I say let’s do both! Choosing a Broker is a crucial decision, whether you’re selling a charming Art Deco abode, or purchasing a posh penthouse, whether you’re looking to lease something with a city skyline, or redevelop a newly budding neighborhood. Just as important as the decision, is how important your Broker views you and your transaction. With hundreds of transactions, millions upon millions sold, I not only have the “know how”, but also am aware of how important each transaction is. Working with me you can count on free-flowing communication, a focus “on the numbers”, and smiling the whole way through. You can be confident, working with me will be nothing less than (J)FAB!

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