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Margarita Caceres Cortes

Real Estate Professional New York




Marga Caceres is a long-time New Yorker who arrived from Europe more than 20 years ago and fell in love with the Big Apple.

As she says, “New York, you love it or hate it. There is no in-between.”

Shortly after her arrival, she began working for the Spanish Consulate where she had the chance to meet and interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Giving her the confidence and global mindset that she has today. Marga is fluent in Spanish and English. After all those years, she thought it was time to change her career and decided to go into Real Estate. A business that her family back home also specializes in. Her experience, charisma, and negotiating skills can definitely be applied to this new field.

“My main goal is to help my clients and make the process of buying, selling, or investing a pleasurable one for everyone.”

Her softer approach is not to push or waste anyone’s time. She is honest, transparent, a good listener, does her homework, and has a keen sense of the New York Real Estate Market living in Greenwich Village all this time is what makes her an expert in the area.

“My clients will be treated the same way as I would want to be treated.”

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