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Mory Machado, PA

Real Estate Professional

I have lived in Miami my entire life and can navigate the streets almost blindfolded. This City has grown from a small rural town, as I remember it, to the extraordinary major, hustle and bustle City, it is today.
I am a graduate of Florida International University with a major in Banking and Finance. Prior to real estate, I was employed by Bank of America for 19 years and served as Vice-President and Office Manager 10 of those years. During my tenure I was heavily involved in the consumer and residential lending areas of the Bank and headed many focus groups and tasks force to help customers banking interactions. Assisting clients in their everyday financial decisions fueled me but something was missing and I knew I could use my experience for so much more.
In 2003, I decided to use my knowledge and apply it to real estate. For several years I bought homes for myself, refurbished or remodeled those homes and sold them a few years later. I always managed to receive a healthy profit until the economic recession came around in 2007. Real estate had taken a major downturn and it seemed every other household was loosing the roof over their heads. Family members and friends started seeking my advise and, before I knew it, I was helping many families modify or short sale their mortgages. I helped over 200 families during those next 5 years. Once again helping people came easy to me.
Then in late 2013 I took a leap of faith and decided to become a real estate agent. By 2014, I was a licensed agent and by 2016 a Broker. I have always been in the Top 20% for the companies I have been associated with and consider myself a well rounded professional. I enjoy real estate and love helping people sell or find their dream home but most importantly, guiding them through the entire process is my true passion. I have been there through all facets of buying, fixing, marketing and selling homes. Experience is priceless! I hope you will give me an opportunity to assist you with all your real estate needs.

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